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Feature Spotlight: Smart Scheduling

When Jason first asked me to join him on this Tour 3 journey, I knew this was one of the first features we needed to develop. One of the frustrations I faced as an administrator was having to manipulate the schedule for the service I ran based on people that had dual qualifications.

It was always a challenge as to how to display this on the schedule, because no matter what position I placed them in on the schedule, it may potentially block others out who only held single qualifications. For instance, driver only, EMT only etc. I was then forced to send endless emails out, seeking coverage based on who I knew was qualified for what position, shift by shift. UGH. Boring and time consuming.

I thought to myself there has to be a better way.

Jason and our development team figured out how to make this this magic happen in the background and thus "smart scheduling" was born.

Shift positions don't appear on our shifts, only open positions. The systems knows who is qualified for each shift position and if a member is already assigned to a position, it will never block another member from that shift based on qualifications. Instead, if that member can be assigned after a change of positions, the system will suggest that change to the administrator when it displays the pick up request.

Please reach out to us for a demonstration of this exciting feature.

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