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Online Scheduling and Workforce Management for Fire and EMS

Eliminate complex decision-making. Automate tedious data collection. Smart Scheduling™, automated availability management, centralized forms for data collection, native mobile applications — with Tour 3 as your software platform, take control of your Fire/EMS operations from anywhere. 

Meet the Tour 3 Family

Meet Tour 3 Scheduler

Modern. Mobile. Simple. Smart.

We're all tired of public safety scheduling software that somehow manages to add to your workload. At the end of a long and busy day, the last thing you need is to try and figure out complex and poorly designed software just to fill an open tour. With Tour 3 Scheduler, you can forget about keeping all your members' qualifications and shift preferences in your head.


Automate the complex daily tasks of figuring out how to best utilize your available personnel.

Refocus your energy on what really matters.

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Tour 3 Scheduler | Value Proposition

Let's work together to save you time, energy and money. Get back to what matters most.

Smart Scheduling

End the shell game of juggling available personnel and positions based on qualifications. Let the magic of Smart Scheduling automate the process in the background and present the best options. One click, personnel reassigned, shifts filled.

Native Mobile Apps

No more pinching and zooming with clunky "mobile responsive" web sites. Tour 3 Scheduler leverages native mobile applications for iOS and Android to deliver a modern and intuitive experience. 

Interactive Push and Voice Notifications

Stop the madness. Eliminate the tedious, manual call-downs to find coverage. No more 90's-style emails to text messages. With one click, Tour 3 Scheduler delivers interactive voice and native push notifications to fill open shifts. 


Meet Tour 3 Forms

Create. Customize. Collect. Share.

Eliminate the endless piles of paper checklists, tour reports and required forms from the field. Stop wasting time scanning all that paper into online document storage. Create and customize unlimited electronic forms for your agency, make them instantly available to your personnel, design workflow alerts and finally tame the flow of information.

Streamline your reporting and field compliance processes.

Refocus your energy on what really matters. 

What People are Saying

We talk a lot about the great products we build for public safety. Often our partners say it best.

“Processing payroll for my EMS agency went from six hours down to one!”

“Until Tour 3, I had no idea how many hours I was wasting just trying to fill open shifts each week.”

“It used to take two staff members over an hour each just to call all our staff to find coverage. With Tour 3 it happens in seconds.”

EMS Chief, New York

Administrative EMS Captain, New York

EMS Scheduling Coordinator, New York

What We're Talking About

We're insanely passionate about building world-class products for our public safety family. Come join the conversation!

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